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This is a new hope without the lone Jedi.
This is living when the world said die.
This is telling the truth within your testimony
when the world said lie.
- 12:01






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This is why Kids Wanna stay up Late

This is Why Kids Wanna Stay up Late is a poetry book, couple with thoughts lined with encouragement urging all of society to take part in art, not just sit back and listen. Mr. Hawkins takes us on a journey through the darkness to destinations our conscience forgets to look more often than we would like to admit. With his poetry he forces you to see homelessness, sexual abuse, war, poverty, the light within us, our potential, history, and God. But He doesn't stop there. Mr. Hawkins pulls on the fingertips of our souls begging us to dance with these words and create works of art. "This is Why Kids Wanna Stay up Late" answers the question, "Why am I up at 3am trying to finish this poem, this song, this picture, this painting, this cd, or this book?

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the Greatest stOry ever solD

This is Samuel's second book of poetry. Samuel takes us on a journey through the world's darkness and our own dark moments to find light and ultimately hope. The poems in this collection will make you reflect on life's difficult moments and then do something to change it. In this excerpt Samuel explores the effect fear has on us and the need to let go of it to grow. "Fear is the vine that chokes the flower of faith growing from your dreams. Pruning is essential for growth. Negative self-talk and negative people need to be cut out if you wish to rise up. Pursuing your goals is drinking from the cup of life. God is the lighthouse answering your prayers drenched in night thirsty for life. I dare you ask what's next instead of why." Finding faith and facing personal demons is a reoccurring theme throughout the Greatest stOry ever solD. Something we all need to do to move forward. Take that step forward, open the book, and get lost inside.

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This a poem about taking control of your destiny and working hard to achieve your goals. It's like my brother says, "Ani't nothing to it but to do it." If you can control your situation, take responsibility for your life and press on.
I partnered with A & SG Film and Sound Makers to make this tribute to my Grandmother Martha Hawkins. This is dedicated to her legacy of unconditional love. I pray the words reach your heart and walk with you. We've all had to deal with loss, I hope you can relate to the message.

Amerikkka the Beautiful.

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